charlene choi in diary

18 08 2008

beauty with fangs



2 responses

31 08 2008
Utah Savage

What a lovely throat slitting. Impenetrable without context. She is gorgeous, and the music is quite lovely, but…

1 09 2008

Typical of the Pang Brothers, and many other Asian filmmakers, to drop a scene like this into an otherwise un-gory film. “Diary” is beautiful, sad, twisted, and a little scary, and it’s too bad that some viewers may be put off by the internal dialog manifested in these visuals when it’s the big dorky twist at the end that should repulse.

One has to admit, I think, that this scene is a tour de force in juxtaposing Love/Hate, yes? And it does work very well in developing Choi’s schizophrenic character.

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