japanese schoolgirls love using ky

5 08 2008

Japanese teenage girls are now using the letters “KY” in conversation to replace the phrase “Kuuki yomenai” or “can’t read the air.” It is used when someone is lagging behind the group and can’t seem to grasp what is going on or goes against the general atomsphere/mood of the group.

Japanese Schoolgirls Love Using KY | Japan Probe



2 responses

4 09 2008
Utah Savage

You might use ky as shorthand for “you seem to be going crazy, best you stop writing for now,” with me. Is this a film or is it observation, and as such, just note worthy? And yes, I do think it is note worthy and useful information.

4 09 2008

A lot of people google ‘japanese schoolgirls’. There are so many points of entry here. Such is the nature of post neo revisionism. Intent is irrelevant, the text is free. Have fun!

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