jean-paul sartré for dodge dartré

1 08 2008

“In my journey to the end of night, I must rely not only on dialectical paths of reason. I must have a good solid automobile, one that eschews the futile trappings of worldly ennui and asks only for basic maintenance. My Dodge Dart offers me this elemental solace, and as interior parts fall off I am struck by the realization of their pointlessness. I might not know if the window is up or down. It is of no consequence.”



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31 08 2008
Utah Savage

I’m so hoping this is really a quote from Sartre, and not a hoax. If this is true, J P Sartre and I have much in common.

1 09 2008

Such is the nature of hope.

4 09 2008
Utah Savage

I love the grace of your insults. But hate being insulted for my ignorance. You know how that goes? Well, maybe you don’t. I should work on the art of the insult.

4 09 2008

If you left here without hope would you have been happier? I don’t think so. Such is the nature of hope. She is not the daughter of ignorance.

5 02 2014
Darran Edmundson

I had this “quote” on my office wall back in 1995. My copy had an attribution, one Maggie Jamroz. I’m guessing Maggie wrote it as a piece of satire.

16 05 2014
Gary L. Gehman

The pictured homily is a nice tribute, but not original. The piece was authored in 1984 by Michael Norris in Magic Bullet #3 (PDF copy available at

16 05 2014

Cool. Thanks for the find. I, like a previous commenter, had the picture you see here hanging on the wall of a record store I managed back in the early 90s. Comparing the picture here to the one at magic bullet you can see they are not the same. So this thing got passed around and mocked up in, probably, a number of ways. At least this answers another commenter’s concern of whether or not Sartre actually wrote it! lol

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